ControlPro’s™ state of the art access-control systems allow for selective restriction of access at any type of facility. From restricting who can pass through specific doors to tracking the time a specific person entered the building, ControlPro™ serves as a truly centralized control system.

Through ControlPro™, access management can be controlled and monitored for one or several buildings, or even multiple sites. This ensures against fraudulent entry and also provides a substantial reduction in surveillance costs. One ControlPro™ station can monitor up to hundreds of portals through which thousands of cardholders pass. The system can be configured and engineered to meet your organization’s demanding and unique security needs.

ControlPro™ systems includes advanced concepts of system automation, secured monitoring, and confirmation of issued commands. Additional components of the system may also include closed circuit television cameras, additional intrusion detection sensors, and security personnel.

The newest version of ControlPro™ is currently under development. We are looking to enhance our central station monitoring and video management system integrations. Contact us for partnership opportunities and to stay updated on development progress.