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Real-Time Personnel Accountability Security Systems (RPASS®) for First Responders

RPass® is a Personnel Accountability Security System used by Incident Commanders, Firefighters and Fire Chiefs to successfully manage the safety of the personnel engaged in an emergency.

RPass® ensures that all personnel data is up to date among all devices through automatic synchronization. The system uses intuitive software graphics that allow for efficiency and accuracy during the high-speed environment of an incident. All RPass® terminals stay connected and updated in real-time via Wi-Fi.

With the release of RPass®, along with its embedded badging and credentialing system, Kelly Research offers the most complete, real-time, personnel accountability system on the market.

Some of the RPass® system features include:

  • Allows Incident Commanders to monitor assigned locations of all personnel at the scene
  • Records all incident transactions including assignments, scene arrival, alarms and activities
  • Graphical User Interface with drag and drop simplicity is customizable for the incident scene including aerial views
  • Unlimited configurable timers for ETA, air bottle elapses, missing personnel and PAR checks
  • Reliability of the Panasonic Toughbook product line allows functionality in the harshest environmental conditions
  • Badges and credentials can be printed on scene with a simple click of a button

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