Effortlessly record and maintain your important interviews and recordings.


IPro Interview Management Systems are software for recording, importing, exporting and securely managing digital audio and video.

The IPro product family is a reliable and scalable system that consists of two editions: IPro Solo and IPro Enterprise.  Portable or Mobile capabilities are included in both editions. Every IPro product a delivers powerful and cost-effective interview management solution.


IPro is ideal for

  • Police Departments
  • Attorneys
  • Children’s Advocacy Centers
  • Universities
  • Insurance agencies
  • Businesses


Think beyond the traditional “4 room” or “2 camera systems”

  • IPro systems scale to your needs
  • Currently supports unlimited rooms and up to 4 cameras per room
  • Recordings can be started from a PC or by push button, keyed switch, or room occupancy (with additional hardware)


Don’t have an interview room?

  • IPro an be set up in conference, meeting rooms or offices
  • In the field with IPro Go™ and your webcam


Protect the privacy of interview subjects

  • Protect the privacy of children, confidential informants, and attorney client privilege with independent video and audio disabling features.
  • Audio only recording for sensitive subjects
  • Go off the record by temporarily disabling both video and audio


Maintain an audit trail of every file entering or exiting the system

  • New ability to import multimedia files and maintain the same integrity as expected from IPro
  • Import dash or body cam, CCTV surveillance video, audio recordings or cell phone footage
  • Every export is logged who, what, when, where, and how
  • Confirm the integrity of the file through SHA-512 hashing


Only pay for what you need

  • Our licensing approach is based upon the number of concurrent users
  • Install on all PCs in your organization at no added cost


Customizable security settings


Kelly Research Corp. is an active Axis Application Development Partner


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If you want personal assistance, contact Kelly Research at 1-800 536-9077. Our team can answer questions about IPro, schedule a demo or help you create a system.