Our biggest feature release to-date, IPro 4 introduces imported media support for managing video and audio from other systems, the ability to create cases anytime, modern SHA-512 hashing, email event notifications, and better automation support.

Easy to use

We have put effort into making the user interface even easier to use. The newest version has a cleaner, more intuitive design, reworked graphics, and has many new features.



Create cases anytime

IPro enables the creation of cases before interviews take place.  Save time and money by delegating administrative tasks.

Import and Export Media

The ability to import media is a new feature to IPro. Import dash or body cam, CCTV surveillance video, audio recordings, or cell phone footage.  IPro maintains a full audit trail of media imported and exported from the system.



user-management-icon privacy-mask-icon microphone-mute-icon

User Management

Privacy Mask

Mute Microphone

Individualized user management brings safety and makes it easier for system administrators. Different parts of IPro can be authorized and defined separately for each user and/or user group. Privacy masking can be used to protect the privacy of children, confidential informants, and in other sensitive situations.  The interview is completely blacked out on the recording and all live views, except for the time-stamp information.

Similar to Privacy Mask, the microphone can be disabled for privacy reasons. Each of these functions (privacy mask and microphone muting) are independent controls.




system-diagnostics bookmark-icon treeview-icon

System dianostics



New! – Real-time status monitoring of clients, server, cameras, and I/O devices. Device issues are logged and can be emailed or sent as a text message. This function marks a location in a recording.  Notes can be added as text and allow the operator to quickly navigate through a recording. New! – Live Views, Cases, and Settings are viewed and managed easily using the treeview.  The IPro Naviation window allows for multi-monitor use.


These are the new and highlighted features in this version of IPro.  See for yourself, sign up for a personal demo of IPro.  Below is a full list of all the features


Full Features Listing

Program types:

Enterprise Server

Enterprise Client (includes IPro Go)

Solo (formerly “standalone”)

File integrity:

Hash recorded videos using SHA-512

Hash imported media using SHA-512


Synchronize internal IP camera clock with server clock


Trouble device notification


Per user accounts and permissions

Set minimum password length

Limit log in attempts

Expire log in passwords after configurable number of days

Set/restrict user log in days/hours

Group permissions

Case permissions on group/individual level

Default case permissions

Room permissions (View, Record, Modify Permissions)

Room permissions on group/individual level

Permission expiration date


Database backup/restore

Daily database backups

Redundant storage for IPro media files

Schedule system maintenance

Watchdog program (server application restart & notifications)

Display logged in users / last contact time

Display current file transfers

Automatic and manual system update checking

Client updates pushed to clients

License file updater (manually or from internet)

Auxiliary IO Device input

Auxiliary IO Device output control

Storage retention policy

Exempt recordings from storage retention policy

Privacy settings:

Private Interview

Maximum recording length

Mask (“Blackout”) Video

Disable microphone

“Off the record” temporarily disables both video and audio


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