Program types:

Enterprise Server

Enterprise Client (includes IPro Go)

Solo (formerly “standalone”)


File integrity:

Hash recorded videos using SHA-512

Hash imported media using SHA-512



Synchronize internal IP camera clock with server clock



Trouble device notification



Per user accounts and permissions

Set minimum password length

Limit log in attempts

Expire log in passwords after configurable number of days

Set/restrict user log in days/hours

Group permissions

Case permissions on group/individual level

Default case permissions

Room permissions (View, Record, Modify Permissions)

Room permissions on group/individual level

Permission expiration date



Database backup/restore

Schedule system maintenance

Watchdog program (server application restart & notifications)

Display logged in users / last contact time

Display current file transfers

Automatic and manual system update checking

Client updates pushed to clients

License file updater (manually or from internet)

Auxiliary IO Device input

Auxiliary IO Device output control

Storage retention policy

Exempt recordings from storage retention policy


Private Interview

Maximum recording length

Mask (“Blackout”) Video

Disable microphone

“Off the record” temporarily disables both video and audio

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