IPro Go™ is a feature of our enterprise system and is the ideal solution to perform interviews on the go. Load the IPro Client onto a Windows based laptop, tablet, or Toughbook for a portable interview management system.

IPro Go is designed to seamlessly integrate with the IPro system installed in your facility.  Bringing videos back into the system is easy

  1. Return from the field
  2. Connect to the network
  3. Log into IPro – it will automatically upload your videos and case information metadata to the server.

A typical IPro Go setup includes:

  • IPro Client software installed
  • 1 concurrent user license
  • Laptop, tablet, or Toughbook
  • USB camera with tripod
  • Optional rugged carrying case

You can use the camera embedded in your device or an external USB webcam.

Need more help? Give us a call!
If you want person-to-person assistance, contact Kelly Research at 1-800 536-9077. Our team can answer questions about IPro, schedule a demo or help you create a system.