BadgePro – ID Production and Management

  • Identity and credential management
  • Physical credential design and production
  • Relational database system
  • “The Database Foundation” for all KRC systems

ControlPro – Access control and security system

  • Fully distributed processing provides complete operation even during network or power disturbances
  • Point monitoring/control (not just doors)
  • Robust, redundant remote control

SuperFence® – Perimeter security system

  • High value infrastructure protection
  • New KRC patented technology provides:
    • Virtual false alarm elimination
    • Virtual corrosion elimination
    • Greatly reduced installation and maintenance cost

RPASS® – Real-time Personnel Accountability & Security System

  • Local and long distance Incident Command and Control
  • Integrates with Regional Government and Private databases of equipment, resources and personnel
  • Provides active credentialing capabilities and badge production
  • Ad hoc dynamic credential management for specific public safety events

IPro – Interview Management System

  • Digitally records, stores and manages video and audio files
  • Law enforcement, Social services, Industry, Education and Military markets